Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay without Paypal Account?


You may pay without Paypal account, although the payment process is made in Paypal (for your Security and ours we use PAYPAL) you don’t have to sign-up for an account. After clicking the link (see Screenshot below) you have to input your Credit Card/Debit Card Info and that’s it. Your payment is securely made using Paypal.



Can I order online without registering in the website?

Yes! You can  order online as a Guest. You don’t have to register, and your order will still go through, But If you like not having to input your Billing/Shipping details again on your next order it would be best if you register on the site. Your information is very much secure in our system.

Where can I pay if I have issues on Shipping and Other Payment Issues

You may pay your Shipping Issues and Other payment Issues by clicking this Link or visiting this page

Where should I send payment if using Money Transfer Option?

For Money Transfers:

Accepted Money Transfer Establishments:
M. Lhullier
Western Union
Cebuana Lhullier

Send to Ryan Paray

Where should I send payment if using Bank Deposit Option?

For Bank Deposit:

Account Name: Paray, Ryan Ceniza
Account #: 480-0008017